Client Testimonials

I would love to say I'm very pleased with the Super Vape you sent me.  I absolutely love it! I'm not afraid to spend alot of money for quality equipment. Why keep spending money on crap!  Buy the best and you will never buy again. I will never use anything else on the face of this earth than the Super Vapezilla, unless I was on a desert island with no electricity and about to die I would break down and use whatever it would take for me to free my mind so I could pass thru those pearly gate that will await me.  The Super Vape is the only thing for me period!  I just can't imagine a world without it.  Thank You for the most excellent invention.  "If you don't have one, YOU’RE NOT LIVING!!!  


P.S. I've already been spreading the word.  And everyone that has tried is hooked.  They think the old school is nasty tasting and I agree. The Super will 'Rock your boat!'


After a month or more of use of the new and improved Super Vapezilla, I have to again tell you what a fantastic product this is.  The construction quality is first rate, and the performance is miles ahead of the competition.  I hope business is well, as you deserve it from the work you put into this.

I have been in touch with one other owner and the consensus is just that, AWESOME product.

Adam from VA

I just wanted to write and say that I received my classic vapezilla and wasted no time.  Some friends and I put it right to use with our trusted aromatherapy tobaccos and I must say, it was an awesome experience. Your product is by far the best I have ever experienced and as a professional business owner, I have respect for your professionalism.  Your web site is top notch.  My friends and I coined the term"21st Century hooka" as the perfect description for your vape.  Anyways, all the best.

Erik from KY

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my Super Vapezilla!  It's much easier to use than the Vapir --no tobacco disks to open and close to constantly empty and refill.  The filling and emptying of the glass whip is such a better method.  Definitely worth the money it cost.  Taste is fantastic.  I am no longer coughing, and it's much quieter than the Vapir.  Thank you for a great product.

Thanks again,
Nancy from NY

I wanted to pass on some info about our testing of the Super. I measured 2 testing units. First I measured out one tenth of a gram of tobacco for the Super, then 4 tenths gram to be rolled. There were 5 testers for the rolled tobaccos and 7 for the vaporizers. The 7 who tried the vap all got the effects almost right away; all said that this was amazing and if they had not seen me pre-measure the quantity, they would not have believed this was possible to get 7 people the effects from such a small amount! The 5 that did the rolled also got the effect BUT 4 times as much was needed to get comparable results to the One TENTH of a gram to satisfy the 7 doubters. The 5 that tried the rolled then tried the Vap. They were very impressed. I now have 12 new believers. More testing to follow.  OOHH, there is ONE more thing, PERFECT is the right word.

Jack from Ontario, CANADA

Hey guys!

I recently went out on limb and bought the Super Vapezilla.  Amazing piece of equipment!  It performs wonderfully: smooth hits of tasty vapor that do the job magically.  It works quickly and easily, and I am using less product than normally. I figure this thing should pay for itself after a while!  So far, I could not be more pleased. With that said, you guys need to polish up your website.  I almost did not order cause I could not find any real contact info and I read from reviews that you all were slow about responding to emails.  It made me a touch suspicious.  But, my curiosity paid off! Anyways, just a little customer feedback to maybe help you get your wonderful device out to a bigger market, and make you guys a bigger profit!

Thanks for the product and best wishes.
Patrick from TN

Hey Guys,

I got the vaporizer on Friday the 11th, and I gotta say that I'm incredibly pleased - thank you. Oh by the way, the first thing that struck me about it was the taste.... unbelievable!

Thank you!
Damien from Toronto, CANADA

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I love my Super Vapezilla. I have purchased and tried many vapes now and 100% vape as of 8 months ago, your system is the best. The way it captures the aroma taste is amazing :)

Harry from MD

I've got the Phedor now :) Kind of happy to avoid all the gas and since we smoke some really tasty tobaccos in India, I'm overjoyed owning it.

Apart from the fact that your products are slightly overpriced, I'm actually understanding the difference now. My Malana Creme (The best smoke in India) tastes so good with your Phedor.

Nitin from INDIA

I just got your Superzilla. It is every bit as awesome a vaporizer as you guys said it was going to be. I wanted to totally commend y'all on a job well done. I will be telling all my friends about your prompt service and wonderful product.

Frank from TX

Wow! Some of the best tobacco therapy I have had in 40 years with my new Classic!

Peter from AZ

It has been awhile since I emailed you. Well, here are some updates on The Super Vap Adventures In Canada. So far since I received my S.V., I have introduced over 50 people to the benefits of vaporizing, all of whom were very impressed with the small amount of medicine required to receive the proper effects desired. Cool. The most asked question is the price when I explain the theory to them (small amounts to get the BETTER EFFECTS, healthier, faster response, no combustion, last longer, cleaner). I am trying to do some sort of graph using the weekly usage of 3 types of groups: The Chronic, The After 4:20, and The Weekender. I personally have seen the great amount you save over a 4-week span. It is a true medicinal marvel.

The quality of the delivery is the same all the time does not change. I have the Aromed, the Inavap, the Volcano, the old B.C. type from a few years ago, 1 that really has no name from Holland that uses a heat gun, and of course the Phedor! I know what I am talking about when I say that the Super Vap is by far the best. This is going to be a very beneficial machine in the health and leisure market, that I would like very much to be part of. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone at Wicked Roots.

Jack from Ontario, CANADA

Hi, just wanted to say that the Super is really good, does all that you said it would and is very efficient.
A fab product...
Have a great Christmas!

Dan from UK

I've had my Super Vapezilla for a couple months now and I continued to be amazed. My knowledge continues to evolve and I've been helped greatly by other owners online. Using a vaporizer has opened a whole new world to me. The taste is wonderful and the effects are awesome. No more hacking and no more smokey odors. The unit is everything I'd hoped for and more.

Congratulations on your well-deserved award at the HTCC! I look forward to learning more about the pleasures of vaporization. I would recommend your products to anyone interested in preserving their health while maximizing their pleasure!

Tom from MO

Got it, tried it, love it. Thanks.

Andrew from CA

Incidently, love the product. Takes a while to learn how to best utilize it, but it's the best (and for the price, it should be!).

Jay from CA

Wow, you guys are great. The Super Vapezilla performed just as you advertised and your  processing time was amazing. I ordered my item on a Thursday afternoon and you were able to ship it the next day. Keep up the good work.

Trung from CA

By the way, I am in love with the unit.  It is everything I expected and more.  And the taste is a knockout.
Michael from FL
Hi :-)   I just got my order today and it is AWESOME!!! hahaha, it's the best “ smokes” I've ever had, and I can’ t remember when I've ever been this ****   :-) and I’ m impressed how fast it got here, and nice job of packing!!!   Anyway, I’ m going to test it again. I have a feeling I'll be testing it all day long hahahah LOL :-)

Norman from British Columbia, CANADA
I've had the non-digital Vapezilla for a little over 2 months now. Having never tried any type of vaporizor, I was a bit leary and unsure of this purchase. Well.....I did good...right on mf's! It's everything you said it would be.

Mike from TX

Hi Folks,
A couple of things. I've just placed an order for 2 additional Phedors. Suffice to say they are becoming all the rage in Tampa! People are just blown away with the technology.

On another note, I have had an opportunity to " test" the Super unit that I ordered. As a previous vaporizer user (glass dome and Pure), I can honestly say that your product is so far superior to ANYTHING I have ever used. Absofuckinlutely unbelievable!! Just awesome!!

Thanks again for the awesome technology,
Timothy from FL

I just wanted to let you know that while your unfortunate email glitch made me very very uneasy, I took the plunge and bought your Super VapeZilla. It pretty much rocks my socks off. Every person who has ever tried it is in love. All of my friends who are going to get real jobs after graduation are pretty excited to get one for themselves. Thanks, Wicked Roots.

Steve from WA

I only used it 2 times but it definitely makes my Volcano look like crap.   Your Super Vapezilla is #1 hands down.   Thank you.

Joe from KS

I've just purchase my first Super Vapezilla and tried it for the first time last night.  All I can say to sum up my experience is"Thank you".  I'm so overwhelmed by your product that I would like to be a distributor or retailer for your products.

Dale from TX

I love your product more than you know...

Steve from NY

After purchasing your super model, I must say it is everything you say and much more! I AM A BELIEVER! ITS NEARLY PERFECT....AND I DO MEAN PERFECT!!! Who ever designed this must of been one wicked genius!!!!!

Donald from VA

I really didn't think it could be this good. Thank you so much. You've changed my mind about vaporizers.

Jeremy from CA

I recently received my Super Vapezilla, and must write to thank you for such a superb product!  When I ordered my SV, I must admit I was skeptical. I had just learned of the technology from a friend. The idea intrigued me so I started reading and researching online. I wanted the best I could find, which led me to Wicked Roots and the Super Vapezilla. From everything I read, it was the one to beat. Your website clearly showed a quality looking machine. So I took a chance, and the stakes were high. I thought, either I just wasted five bills or this thing could be the answer to my prayers. And I don't want to be over dramatic, but I have long struggled with the enjoyment I get from smoking occasionally vs. the many disadvantages of smoking. Well my package came a few days later, and what a delight!   It was a good looking unit that obviously was put together well. That night I tried it out, all by myself... I was amazed! It blew away my meager expectations! The taste was so unbelievable and the vapors so smooth!   But, I wondered, could this new gentle aroma still give me the same satisfaction I was used to? And moments later my answer...Yes!!

This is the most exciting purchase I've made in a long while.   My friends all thought I was crazy; now they all are saving for their own. What an amazing product! Thank you guys seriously! Great job!

Chance from KY
THANK-YOU FOR A TRULY INCREDIBLE PRODUCT! It goes beyond all of the hype...

Anthony from Ontario, CANADA

I used the Superzilla for the first time about 1 week ago and it hasn't left my side. Thank you for the life changing experience of a positive nature, for myself and several of my closest friends. I found the experience more enjoyable with the piece of mind of reduced lung damage. I consider myself to be a resourceful person but have never seen a product at all like this in my lifetime, although I have read about them in magazines. I believe in this product and look forward to your reply.


Just got it the Sup-Super Vap. Absolutely unbelievable.

Alvaro from VA

I appreciate your prompt service and QUALITY product:-)   Thank you for the excellent aromatherapy sessions I have now!

Erik from CA
Thanks so much for the fast shipping and great invention. Some things ARE meant to be perfect… Think green. It’ s  perfect.

Max from CA

I think the Phedor is definitely one of the best products out there. It is perfect, because Wicked Roots created it!

David from CA

I can't thank you enough for my new Vapezilla and for the prompt shipment, it actually arrived early!  The product works perfectly and I am proud to be in on cutting edge vapor tech so early in the game - I can't wait to see what comes out next from you guys!

Extremely Pleased Steve from NJ

I've been used the Super Vapezilla for the past few days now, and it is perhaps the most space-aged, innovative, and utilitarian device I have ever seen. 

Ben from OR

Just wanted to stop again to say Greetings  and let you know I still enjoy the Phedor daily. I avoid a lighter at all costs now; it honestly makes me sick.

Max from CA 

I used the vaporizer last night and it was great! I am really impressed with your support and of course the machine! You guys are definitely first class! I am really glad I found your product!  Thanks Again!

Bob from NY

I love the Phedor; it's worth every penny.

Michael from CA

Hi, I recently purchased your Phedor and I have to say I absolutely love it!

Jason from NY

By the way, your vaporizer just blows everything out of the water!! I rented a Volcano from my local head shop for a day, and I thought it was pretty cool, and when I read that yours was reviewed as being even better, by numerous sources, I risked the small fortune buying it off the internet without even trying it (which is not the kind of person I am, but I trusted HT). I was so thrilled when my quarters started lasting me 2 or 3 weeks instead of 1! Working full-time helps with that, of course, as I was previously unemployed... but there was one day where I'd forgotten to bring thetube& whip to my friend's, so we had to smoke it, and I was floored at how much tobacco I needed... I'd gotten used to using this small chunk for 2-3 people, and smoking it I needed twice as much for just me. _*WOW*_.

Mercedes from Manitoba, CANADA

After using the Super Vapa for nearly two months, I would first like to thank you folks for creating such a great product. I am a very happy customer.

Liam from NY


Hi, I recently purchased the supervapezilla.   I wanted to write back and let you know we really appreciate the good work and high quality products you all produce.   You have created the finest aromatherapy product I have ever encountered.   It works amazingly every time and is going to send any European competitors back to the lab.   Congratulations on a product that actually lives up to the hype.

Nathan from NM

I've had my SUPER VAPEZILLA for about two weeks and I'm very happily using it right now. I have not smoked at all this week until I was out today and had to use the ol' pipe, man was it nasty. I need to get another s.v. and mount it in my car, that would be cool. Thanks for the awesome product, great design, looks awesome. Glad I didn't get the Volcano.

Dave from NY


It arrived, a mind blowing product, really at twice the price....
Really great Vape, nothing comes close at all, the Volcano is nowhere near it at all, it is not even worth comparing it to it really. Nothing compares to it....
That taste that lingers in your mouth like a fine wine....

Cheers very Big.....

I recently had a chance to try a friend's Volcano for the first time, and I have to say it really is a TERRIBLE device compared to your SVZ.   I wish I hadn't given away my first SVZ, but after the Volcano experience I am even more excited to start using an SVZ again.

E from NY

I just wanted to let you guys know I got my Super Vapezilla today and I can't thank you guys enough. Your customer service was top notch as well as this beautiful new toy. So thanks once again!!

KR from VA

I just wanted to let you guys know I got my Super Vapezilla today and I can't thank you guys enough. Your customer service was top notch as well as this beautiful new toy. So thanks once again!!KR from VA Just wanted to write you a note to say how much I love my Super Vapezilla. I have had it for 6 months now and I would never go back to the old ways. I set mine at 420 and I have added a secondary screen to the end of the tube to catch anything that makes it past the first one. Other than that, the product is perfect. I can understand the fear some people may have like I did spending $500 for something you've never even seen let alone tried. All I can say is "Do It"! I read a review once about vaporizers that said "If you can afford it, buy it. It will change your life." Just wanted to say they were right!


Really, beyond all expectation.

Mark from WI

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that the Vapezilla works fabulous......I absolutely love it. Two thumbs up!!!!!!

Thanks again.....Take care.
Evan from British Columbia, CANADA

Thanx very much. Great product once you get the hang of it.
Marty from AUSTRALIA
Sorry for the delayed feedback. What a great great product (The Super Vapezilla). I have just ordered another one (and would really like to buy another 2 but am liquidity constrained at present).

Much indebted,

I bought ten Phedor vaporizers about a year ago and can I say thank you thank you. They're the best! Once again I thank you, my friends thank you, and so do all of our lungs for keeping the butane out. Vaporizers are nice but most people enjoy the act which you guys make possible yet so much cleaner thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!

Andrew from CA

Thanks for the quick shipping. My Vapezilla was a wonderful surprise for Saturday! My first Vaporizer and I absolutely love it! This is a great product at a very, very fare price.

Thank you,
Johnnie from CA

Just a quick update. It has taken some time to find what temperature and method works best for me. At this point, I am more than happy with the vaporizer and feel the test period was worth the effort.

Some tobaccos need to be ground finer and need a higher heat setting; others, because the plant material is less dense, don't need to be ground so fine and have as much heat.

Thanks for all your hard work developing the Super Vapezilla. As a medical user of organic tobacco, I must have a vaporizer that works well! I have chronic pain and Tourette's Syndrome. The Super Vapezilla does the job! Thank you so much!

Randy from British Columbia, CANADA
I ordered the Vapezilla a couple of weeks ago. It is a fantastic unit. I love it! I am a singer and all of the smoke always severely affected my voice, but not anymore!

Kelly from MT
I just wanted to say I received my SVZ about a month ago. It is GREAT! The quality is excellent and the performance is amazing. I wish you guys were around 20 years ago.

Patrick from MN
I recently purchased your Phedor. I took it back to my home town of Laguna Beach. People loved it. You should be seeing a large amount of orders from that area soon! Thanks for the Great Product!

Much Respect,
Luke from CA
So I have had my SV for a short time now. I must be honest at first I was wondering how the SV got all those successive awards because the SV wasn't performing for me as I had imagined it would or should (I have used several vapes). Well with a little practice and a little info from you guys I eventually stumbled upon a superb technique that has allowed me to greatly lower the temperature and get a greater vape than EVER before. Just now!

Ok...this is what I paid 5 C-notes for after all. Yeah!

I understand. That the SV was indeed a good investment. Great vaporization takes a little practice and great equipment too.
Thanks for the SV and the good tips WR.

Stan from UT
Hey guys,
I received my Vapezilla last night! I was able to try it out last night and want to say I am very happy with the unit. The quality is excellent, the result is magnificent. Great product guys! Keep it up! My Vapezilla is my new best friend!

Mark from AZ
I just recently bought a Super Vapezilla and I am so pleased with the product. All of my friends have said that the Super Vapezilla tastes better and cleaner than the Volcano. Thank you so much for existing!!!


Sean from OH
This is by far the best product I've ever ordered...

Evan from British Columbia, CANADA
I recently bought a Phedor and just fell in complete love! This is the best device I have ever used! Thank u for putting one of the best devices at my reach.

Luis from CA
Two days ago I placed an order for a Super Vapezilla and gave the wrong email address. Consequently I have not received confirmation of the sale. I have corrected the information below and would like an email notification. By the way, this is the second one that I have bought and feel it is without a doubt the best vaporizer on the market. Thank you for this quality product.

Tom from CO
Just received my Phedor, quick delivery time and this thing is amazing! I'll never use a regular lighter again! Can't wait to get the Super Vapezilla. Thanks for such a unique product!

Ryan from CO
I love my supervapezilla!

Erik from WA
I gotta say, your products rock! Love my SV and Phedor.

Jason from CA
Received my Super Vapezilla today and just have to say that it is worth the heavy hit on the price for the heavy hit you get... wow!!! Thanks very much for the super fast shipping and customer service. Looking forward to purchasing the Phedor next, just give me some time to save up for that.

Loren from CA
I have experimented with all kinds of methods of ingestion for tobacco products over the years, from cigarettes to pipes to water pipes and nothing has even come close to vaporizers. My first vape was a glass on glass portable unit, and it worked well. My second was a vapor pipe that was driven by a lighter and required a bit of practice to use, but it also worked reasonably well. This was all well and good until I got my Super Vapezilla, this thing extracts an incredible amount of the active substance from the tobacco, and delivers it all in a nice tasting and easy to inhale vapor that is barely visible to the eye. Since I started using the SV, I haven't coughed and I haven't had any residual feelings after the tobaccoal effect had long since faded. It's better on my body, my lungs, and just more enjoyable for everyone around me. One other plus, the odor from the device and usage of it is really almost undetectable unless you are right on top of the user, which means its nice for stealth usage.

Darfoo from MA
Hi there,

My unit is going strong, and delivering daily pleasure and pain relief. I wanted to thank you all for a wonderfully designed unit.

Leonard from NY
I HAVE OWNED THIS SYSTEM FOR OVER 2 YEARS AND I and it still works like the first day.

Thanking you,
Jack from Ontario, CANADA
I am a proud supporter of all your products. I ordered the Super Vapezilla about 2 weeks ago and I am super impressed. I have had the PHEDOR for over 2 years and couldn't be happier with it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dan from CA
Love your super vapezilla :)

Jack from LA
I have had my unit for a year and a half and it has worked beautifully the entire time. I love my unit as it has been very reliable and works to perfection without the unwanted smoke.

Michael from KY
I really love my Phedor. I had no idea that Butane detracted from the flavor of what I was smoking. However, once I used my Phedor for the first time, it became painfully clear what I had been missing out on all these years. I have used it daily since I got it. It was one of the best purchases that I have ever made. I do not regret it one bit. I have even been encouraging others to get one. I would recommend one to anybody that smokes a water/tobacco pipe.

Chad from AZ
I will give the SupZilla a 10+++

Steven from WA
Best thing since sliced bread as the saying goes. I can't believe I only found out about you all til recently.

Tom from NJ
Everyone I know loves the Phedor!

Joel from CA
I've been pleased with the quality of the Super Vapezilla. Thank you for putting out such a product.

Sean from OH
I have five Phedors that are used all day every day. Thanks for making such a great tool. Lighters are for candles and fireplaces. Phedors are for true connoisseurs. Thanks again, Wicked Roots. You're the shit! My lungs thank you too:)

Andrew from CA
Just want to compliment your fine product. I implement it on the boat going 40 mph, in the field, hunting, wherever wind is a factor. Genius idea, everyone loves it.

Mike from TX
I just wanted to pass this along… I picked up my Vapezilla about 8 months ago and used it a few times until I purchased a Volcano. Then I used the Volcano almost exclusively for about 4 months. The other night, I took out the Vapezilla again and started using it. I haven't gone back to the Volcano because the Vapezilla is so smooth and tastes so good and is so effective. Thanks so much for a great vape!

Mark from MA
Purchased the Vapezilla Classic last week, absolutely love it! Two of my friends have tried it once and have already ordered one of their very own. Top quality merchandise, it works like a champ. Thank you, WickedRoots.

Kurt from FL
AWESOME PRODUCT!! Obviously a very together company... The speed of delivery was headspinning. You are making a contribution to the health and happiness of so many people. Everyone should consume this way.


Susan from CA
I love the Phedor. I was just visiting a friend in Ithaca who had one and I fell in love. Thanks for making such a kick ass product.

Evan from NY
I intend to write on a comparison between Volcano & SuperV I was recently 'forced into': no comparison on that score, SuperV really does win hands down. In fact if potency is low, Volcano does not even work.


WOW! You guys are awesome! I didn’t even realize you had shipped the unit out until it arrived at my house yesterday! That was incredible turn around time, which is why I have in the past and will continue to push your products and website! Your operation is well run and I appreciate the phenomenal business WR continues to do! Keep up the fantastic work! You guys are THE BEST vaporizer company on the market! In fact, just for that reason I know you could sell thousands more Phedors if they were in stores instead of just online! But either way, I will continue to inform people of THE BEST vaporizer in existence!

One Love!
Andrew from CA

Love my Supervapezilla!
Verna from LA
I really love you guys and the company. My friends and I all have Phedors and just can't live without them.

Thanks again,
Owen from CA

Hey guys!
So it's a lazy day off just having some coffee and a bagel with my Vapezilla. She is still serving me strong... I love her.
Just thought I would drop you a note to say I'm still using her daily and she is holding strong, always careful to give adequate cooldown. I run it through a 15 min interval water pump timer, so I can just click the timer on, turn the heat off on and leave, 15 mins later she shuts off.
How great is it also that it keeps my bagel and coffee warm like a hotplate... lol!
Welp! keep up the good work my friends... you do a fantastic job at making my friends puke.. hah!
Ok back to my coffee and blueberry........ bagel. ;)

Mark from AZ

Overall, I have to give you guys a standing ovation for an outstanding product. It's a total game-changer. Further props on offering a lifetime warranty - that was for sure what made a worth-while purchase even better.

Anthony from NY

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the brilliant Vapezilla Vaporizer! It is great, heats up fast and definitely does the job. Is expensive, but for quality you have to pay.

Craig from South Africa

My Super Vapezilla has been going strong now for 3 years, great product. Thanks guys!

Mike from FL

I must say, I completely adore your product. I've sent more than a few friends your way and across the board, they've all raved! So thank you, once again.

Anthony from NY

Today I finally had the money to order myself a new Phedor. I can't wait until it comes, it's one of the best products I've ever used and I can't even begin to estimate how many friends I've turned on to the product.

Sean from MA

Hey there, just wanted to say I am overwhelmingly satisfied with my purchase of the 2 PHEDORs. I have noticed much longer lasting enjoyment and more mental stimulation and clarity! I would give your product the highest recommendation to friends and family. My best friend is really happy with the 1 I gifted to him. Trying to hold on, but PHEDin phast! Blessings and respect.

Eric in ME

Hi there,

Absolutely thrilled with your the Super Vapezilla, definitely puts the Volcano to shame. Thanks for a phenomenal product.

Alex from Ontario, CANADA

Just a short note to tell you that the Vapezilla has exceeded my expectations. You have a great product. Know anyone that wants to buy a used Volcano?

Jay from WA

I wanted to give you guys major credit on your design and how excellent it is when compared to some of my other units I have owned. It's way more efficient than my Silver Surfer Vaporizer, It's flavor is 1000 times better than that of my Volcano, and it's hands down the most simple product to use I have ever owned/encountered.

Jock from VA

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