Phedor Hybrid Vaporization

Hybrid Vaporization is the newest technique in vaporizing/smoking aromatherapy tobaccos, developed by Wicked Roots. The technique was developed to enhance the potency and flavor, while removing cerium (flint) and butane from the inhalation track.

How do we enhance the potency?

Vaporization studies show that the higher heat used in smoking chemically oxidizes the active ingredients in aromatherapy tobaccos. The heat emitted from a Bic butane lighter is about 1300*F, which is way past the vaporization point of aromatherapy tobaccos. The Phedor Hybrid Vaporizer ignites/vaporizes tobaccos at a lower heating temperature, simulating temperatures of true vaporization to create a more potent and rapid onset of sensations. The user, in turn, will smoke/vaporize less tobaccos to achieve the same desired effects due to the enhanced potency.

How do we improve the taste?

The Phedor Hybrid Vaporizer utilizes an embedded ceramic heat rod that does not release any toxins or foul odors unlike conventional lighters. By completely eliminating the butane gas and cerium, the taste is more robust in flavor and smoother to inhale. The effects can be described as more cerebral and less weary.

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